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Representative Marvin Kleeb Files for Third Term
Topeka State Representative Marvin Kleeb (R-Overland Park) has filed for reelection to the 48th House District. Kleeb brings a commonsense, business-oriented perspective to the Legislature. As the vice-chair of the House Taxation Committee, Representative Kleeb has been heavily involved in shaping job-creating tax policy for the state.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the citizens of the 48th District. In Topeka, I am committed to fighting for the pro-growth policies Kansas needs to support a vibrant economy and strong educational system, said Representative Kleeb.

The 48th District currently includes Overland Park and several eastern Olathe precincts. However, the panel of three federal judges has not yet announced the 2012 maps. As one of the fastest growing districts in the state, the 48th District will need to give up population to achieve the idea district size.

The Right Kind of Solutions
I grew up with the time-honored philosophy that the government that governs best, governs least.

However, there are important areas where government can and should function as an essential element in the solution for the problems and issues of the State and its people.

When government involvement is appropriate and needed, there are five important aspects to consider:

  1. The solution should have a clear desired outcome and goal.
  2. The solution should be as fair and equitable as possible for all citizens.
  3. The solution should not be unduly burdensome with regulations and bureaucracy.
  4. The solution should be fiscally responsible.
  5. If the solution involves taxation, it should be fair and not excessive.