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I am asking to serve the people of 48th District because I believe the vast majority of us as citizens share the same key objectives that we want from our State government. Below, are the main areas of focus where I feel the constituents of the 48th District want action to Get Kansas Moving:

Economic Development and Jobs Creation and Employment Security

Letís get Kansas Moving! We must make Kansas a state where our existing businesses can grow, flourish and create jobs. And, we must make Kansas a viable and attractive location for new business to start, relocate and invest.

Letís Get Kansas Moving!

  • Quality and Affordable Healthcare Insurance that business can provide for their employees
  • Lessen the governmental burden of regulations and bureaucracy.
  • Reasonable, not excessive, taxes so business can invest, grow and create jobs.
  • Affordable Workers Compensation insurance.
  • Taxation policies that encourage investment and business growth.
Letís Get Kansas Moving!
  • Kansas involvement with up and coming, cutting-edge industries
  • Attract companies that will provide opportunities for our college graduates.
  • Attract companies that will provide high paying jobs.
  • Taxation policies that will make Kansas competitive.
Excellence in Education

Letís Get Kansas Moving! We must provide the resources necessary so our young people are equipped and prepared for the opportunities, and the challenges, of the future.

  • Fair and Equitable distribution of tax dollars for Johnson County Schools
  • Increased Local Control and Accountability
  • Enable Local Communities to raise educational funding with taxpayer approval
  • Ensure our Tax Dollars reach the classroom
  • Well-paid teachers to attract and retain top educational talent
  • Emphasize the fundamentals in education
  • Enhance high school curriculums so graduates have life and job skills.
Fiscally Responsible Government: Fair & Reasonable Taxes

Letís Get Kansas Moving! Did you know Kansas has the distinction of having some of the highest taxes and governmental expenditures per capita in the Midwest?

  • Legislative review of all departmental expenditures and programs.
  • Enhanced rewards for governmental employees who identify waste and recommend opportunities to save money and improve efficiency.
  • Enact firm ďoutcomeĒ objectives for all new programs and expenditures.
  • Require annual review of new programs and their effectiveness.
  • Require legislative review of all regulations and reporting requirements that are created by agency bureaucrats.
  • Control annual expenditure increases in the state budget.
For detailed information regarding fiscal policy and taxes in Kansas, click here.

Fiscally Responsible Government : Efficient and Productive With Quality Services and Outcomes

As Kansas has adjusted it budget in response to the worst economic recession since the Great Depression and the resulting drop in tax revenues, there has been considerable talk about the huge cuts to the stateís budget expenditures.

For detailed information regarding the Kansas Budget, click here.

Healthcare Solutions

Kansasí healthcare system needs solutions, not partisan fighting. As a legislator I will work for:

  • Reducing health care costs by clarifying payment process for medical visits
  • Empower Kansans to control their health care plans through health savings accounts
  • Increase coverage for those affected by a serious illness or injury
  • Increase the number of low-income children getting health insurance
  • Expand insurance options to reduce insurance costs
  • Expand our Primary Care Safety Net Clinics serving uninsured Kansans
  • Increased competition among insurance companies
  • Expanded coverage by lowering insurance premiums employers pay
  • Improve healthcare accessibility in under-serviced areas around the state
Develop a Comprehensive and Strategic Energy Plan

The high cost of energy makes it vital for state government to act. We stand at the edge of a new frontier in energy development and we must look for cleaner, smarter, less expensive ways to power the world and ensure safety and prosperity for generations.

  • No new gas taxes
  • Create incentives to develop renewable energy
  • Promote alternative energy research and development
  • Expand our energy grid and allow new energy production
  • Pass responsible environmental policies and safeguards
Our Seniors

Our Greatest Generation and those preparing for retirement deserve our help and respect, not increased taxes and government burdens.

  • Avoid new taxes on our already budget-strapped seniors
  • Property tax relief for seniors
  • Lower prescription drug costs
  • Crack down on nursing home abuse
  • Enhance Home-based Care options and resources
  • Lower costs through healthcare reform